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Part IV: Field Dress and Drag You worked you’re a$$ off to get an opportunity at a trophy whitetail buck.   Finally, Uncle Barry’s luck has rubbed off and you dug a carbon arrow deep into the shoulder of a hearty North American whitetail buck.   The moment was charged.  Fist pumps were faster than Connor McGregor in an octagon.  Spit was flying everywhere.   Adrenaline was at a record high.  Finally, you regain your composure enough to watch the footage caught on your Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow Mount and confirmed a clean double-lung shot.  Once again, fist pumps are going.  Out of breath,...

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Part III: The Infinite Sit It’s the rut.  Bucks are running and you took vacation at work because you’ll be damned if you’re not in the woods.  Screw the boss anyways, right?  The walk to the tree stand was a little more uncomfortable than you would like, but you made it in one piece and you’re in it for the long haul.  You knock an arrow, double check your broad head is tight, and place your bow so lightly on the hanger not even an owl could hear it.   You treat your stick and string like a newborn baby, after...

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Whitetail Country encourages the elite athlete bow hunter to audaciously practice shooting your bow in respect of the sport and to seize your opportunity.

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Part II:The Walk In/Out of the Stand I do not care if your name is Fred Bear, Jim Shockey, or Brock Lesnar the morning walk to the tree stand is uncomfortable.  Sure, 50% of the time you get to walk out late in the morning or walk in early in the afternoon.  Too easy for a tough individual like yourself, but nothing can prepare you for the other 50%. You venture out of your pickup truck to notice that it is unusually dark.  One glance at the sky and you notice the clouds covered all the stars and the quarter...

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There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck is a four part series presented by Whitetail Country.  Visit us for the next three Wednesday’s to see why we think the hunter is the mentally toughest athlete in the world.

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