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Wisconsin announced its first ever elk hunt.  Here's what we have to say about it.

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The bad news – hunting season has escaped us once again.  Hopefully you tagged magnus and are feeding your family with his delicious tenderloins on the regular.  The good news – its expo time!  Show season can only mean one thing; hunting season is approaching faster than that spike buck hit your frag line.  Whether you plan to be sneaking around in your duck boat or your climbing to the top of the Rocky Mountains this fall, show season has just the right touch to hold you over until fall.   In a short two weeks, we encounter the Wisconsin State...

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It’s damn near Halloween and that could mean a couple different things.  People dressed as clowns now have an excuse to be creeping everybody out. Kids walk around and ask for candy. It’s the rut BABBBYYYY! If a clown ever approached any of us hunters, while we weren’t at a circus, it would receive the ole redneck 5 knuckle shuffle to the kisser.   Kids always want candy, no change there.   And that’s why we are only concerned about #3 - the rut.  Before you get too excited, it might only be the ‘pre-rut’ in your area.  Regardless, temperatures are dropping,...

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We are witnessing more people get out of the concrete jungle and into the woods and waters.   People are quickly realizing the sounds, smells, and sights of the outdoors triumph any one thing that TV can offer.  Moments experienced by these individuals are priceless and irreplaceable.   Whitetail Country’s vision is to connect society to the outdoor experience.

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If you don’t believe in God folks, now is the time.  This stuff doesn’t just happen.  Hear the words directly from Matthew’s mouth as he tells his legendary story about a 21-point, 200” buck.

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