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The bad news – hunting season has escaped us once again.  Hopefully you tagged magnus and are feeding your family with his delicious tenderloins on the regular.  The good news – its expo time!  Show season can only mean one thing; hunting season is approaching faster than that spike buck hit your frag line.  Whether you plan to be sneaking around in your duck boat or your climbing to the top of the Rocky Mountains this fall, show season has just the right touch to hold you over until fall.   In a short two weeks, we encounter the Wisconsin State...

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Bow Mount, Fighting Squirrel, Optic Mount, Phone Mount, Smartphone, Trail Camera, Whitetail Country -

We are witnessing more people get out of the concrete jungle and into the woods and waters.   People are quickly realizing the sounds, smells, and sights of the outdoors triumph any one thing that TV can offer.  Moments experienced by these individuals are priceless and irreplaceable.   Whitetail Country’s vision is to connect society to the outdoor experience.

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Part III: The Infinite Sit It’s the rut.  Bucks are running and you took vacation at work because you’ll be damned if you’re not in the woods.  Screw the boss anyways, right?  The walk to the tree stand was a little more uncomfortable than you would like, but you made it in one piece and you’re in it for the long haul.  You knock an arrow, double check your broad head is tight, and place your bow so lightly on the hanger not even an owl could hear it.   You treat your stick and string like a newborn baby, after...

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There isn’t a single hunter out there who does not have a dream hunt.  Maybe it’s a New Mexico Elk, Canada Black Bear, or the infamous Mountain Goat.  Regardless of the animal, you have been dreaming about it for years.  When push comes to shove you’ve finally drew your tag and saved up the funds to make this thing happen; however, there are a few things to consider. Do I have the equipment I need?   Am I physically able to endure the rigors of the terrain/climate?   Am I mentally ready to face that trophy animal face to face?   As the...

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Introducing the Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Optic Mount by Whitetail Country.

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