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Part IV: There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

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Part IV: There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

Part IV: Field Dress and Drag

You worked you’re a$$ off to get an opportunity at a trophy whitetail buck.   Finally, Uncle Barry’s luck has rubbed off and you dug a carbon arrow deep into the shoulder of a hearty North American whitetail buck.   The moment was charged.  Fist pumps were faster than Connor McGregor in an octagon.  Spit was flying everywhere.   Adrenaline was at a record high.  Finally, you regain your composure enough to watch the footage caught on your Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow Mount and confirmed a clean double-lung shot.  Once again, fist pumps are going.  Out of breath, your shaky hands upload the captured video to Facebook.   You spend the next 5 minutes calming yourself down in order to safely walk down the tree stand and begin the second most fun part – trophy tracking.

In this case, you don’t need Bloodhound Deer Trackers, because you heard a crash after your shot and blood is, well, everywhere.   200 yards later and you’re experiencing the pinnacle of your hunting career.  You’re gazing at one of God’s greatest creations, softly touching the antlers, and petting the coat while holding back tears.  It finally happened!  All the uncomfortable elements of shooting a big buck has paid off.  Time to go to work.

It wasn’t easy flipping the 225 pound animal on his back, especially with that sore knee from your high school football days, but you managed.  You place your feet shoulder width apart, approximately one foot from the rear end of your next wall mount.  You grab the left hind legs to find out that the damn buck has been urinating on his glands for the past week and a half.  It smells awful.  You straddle the right hind leg and begin your field dressing like a surgeon – you’ve done this before.  Unfortunately, it has been awhile and the sharp tip of your buck knife went an inch too deep.  You hear a quick pop and air slowly lofts out of the stomach.  The smell is unbearably worse.   After 5 minutes of extremely uncomfortable smells and standing positions, this trophy can be considered dressed. 

You clean off your buck knife with leaves, aggressively dig into your hunting pack, and grab the trusty drag rope which hasn’t been used in a while.  The uneven and swampy ground where you were hunting makes it hard on that sore knee, but you’re tough.  Only 400 more yards to go.  Sweaty, tired, and uncomfortable you reach your destination – your pickup truck has never looked prettier.  You check your phone and you already have 500 views on your impressive harvest.  Everyone wants to see the picture.  There was nothing comfortable about shooting this buck, but every single second was worth it.

There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck is a four Part series presented by Whitetail Country.  Thank you for tuning in to why we think the hunter is the mentally toughest athlete in the world.

Part I: Intro

Part II: The Walk In/Out of the Stand

Part III: The Infinite Sit

Every hunter’s moment deserves to be captured.  We offered our mobile products to hunters so each exhilarating experience is recorded.  See our #MobilizeYourHunt product line here.


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