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Practice your Perfect Shot!  Make your Perfect Shot!

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Practice your Perfect Shot! Make your Perfect Shot!

Are you preparing for the upcoming bow season?  If you’re not, you should be.  Bow season is right around the corner and you want to be prepared.  You want to be prepared for your moment - the one you’ve dreamed about since the cold winter months.  You want to execute flawlessly and practice shooting your bow is a vital item to your success. Some hunters have the ability to take their bow out of their case two days before the hunt, fling five arrows at a dinner plate and call it good.  Don’t be that guy.  Opportunities don’t arise often and you owe it hardworking self to feel prepared and ready.  There is so much more to bow hunting and out of the respect of the sport, start practicing.

The most important item to take into consideration is your comfort range.  How long can you shoot your bow and feel confident?  Listening to Cameron Hanes new Keep Hammering podcast, he mentions a story where he buried a second arrow in a trophy bull elk at 92 yards.  92 yards was Cam’s extreme comfort range! Everybody’s range is different, and through practice that range is determined and chiseled in stone.  Another consideration to take is how you are practicing.  Your comfort range can change when your 20 feet high in a tree stand or you’re shooting up the side of a mountain at a big horn sheep.  You can never predict how, where, and why that trophy animal steps out in that particular sequence so practicing different elevations and angled shots is essential. 

We compare shooting a bow to a baseball swing.  Everyone’s form is different and all that matters if you’re comfortable and effective.  Somebody telling you your form is bad while you’re stacking arrows into the kill zone is the equivalent of telling 2-time MVP Aaron Rodgers his throwing motion isn’t perfect.  Make sure your form is comfortable for you and consider the minute details in order to be effective. Release point, anchor point, breathing, and follow-through.  When the time comes these all need to be second nature.  During the moment your adrenaline will be charged like a lightning bolt and you want those tiny details to be engrained in your muscle memory. 

A lesson all hunters have learned is that the trophy never gives you the perfect broadside shot.  As an elite athlete you need to understand that you determine your own success.  When an opportunity presents itself, TAKE IT.  Don’t wait for the perfect shot, make your perfect shot.  With many variations of practice shots – elevation, distance, and angles – and the formed muscle memory of the smallest of details, you will be primed to own your moment. 

The moment you experience is yours and it deserves to be captured.   Whitetail Country developed mobile products to empower hunters to relive their exhilarating experiences through their smartphone.  Click here to see our #MobilizeYourHunt product line, highlighted by the Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow and Optic Mount.



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