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There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

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There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

Part I: Intro

There is nothing comfortable about shooting a big buck.  Emotionally, physically, mentally - there is nothing comfortable about shooting a big buck.   Early wake ups, sleepless nights, and an abundant amounts of shattered hope.  Truthfully, not much is fun about shooting a big buck either.   Cold weather and hours of loneliness in hopes for a few seconds with one of God’s greatest creations – the whitetail deer.   

The whitetail deer has America in a frenzy.  Aggressive and athletic, aware and uneasy, yet serene and beautiful, it has hunters from all over the nation spending thousands of dollars on equipment and preparation (and beer if you’re part of a Wisconsin deer camp crew).   It has hunters shivering, withstanding tree knots in their back, and not moving an inch for endless hours - all at 20-30 feet high!  It is not easy.  It has hunters venturing into the frightening wilderness at the darkest of hours and not leaving until the day turns into night.  Of course non-hunters don’t understand – it sucks.  To top it off, it has grown men and women painting their faces as if they were going to the battle with America’s greatest enemy.  

Most hunters go through all of this without ever harvesting a trophy worthy of a wall mount.  Yet, they keep hunting, harder and harder, because they are tough and resilient.  Every year they have another opportunity to harvest a trophy.  Maybe an opportunity.  The hunt for this animal is challenging and uncomfortable.  A hunter must immerse themselves into the mind and habits of the whitetail to even witness a quick glimpse. This challenge is addicting.  It becomes a lifestyle.  Hunter’s don’t work to live, they work to hunt.  It puts hunters in situations nobody would ever volunteer for.  Walking into a damp, wolf-infested forest on a dark morning is utterly uncomfortable, but an experience we are willing to make for a moment with a magnum whitetail buck.  This moment is charged and irreplaceable – something that cannot be described in words.  Something that makes every uncomforting element of hunting worth it.  Hunting is not easy and it is not comfortable.  Hunters are the elite of the elite athlete and if you’re not one – you don’t understand.  We don’t except you to.  There is nothing comfortable about shooting a big buck.

There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck is a four part series presented by Whitetail Country.  Visit us for the next three Wednesday’s to see why we think the hunter is the mentally toughest athlete in the world.

Every hunter’s moment deserves to be captured.  We offered our mobile products to hunters so each exhilarating experience is recorded.  See our #MobilizeYourHunt product line here.


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