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Part III: There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

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Part III: There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

Part III: The Infinite Sit

It’s the rut.  Bucks are running and you took vacation at work because you’ll be damned if you’re not in the woods.  Screw the boss anyways, right?  The walk to the tree stand was a little more uncomfortable than you would like, but you made it in one piece and you’re in it for the long haul.  You knock an arrow, double check your broad head is tight, and place your bow so lightly on the hanger not even an owl could hear it.   You treat your stick and string like a newborn baby, after all, it is the sole deciding factor between you and a trophy whitetail.   As you place the finishing touches to your tree stand, by setting your grunt tube on a nearby branch, you hear a twig break.

Swiftly, you turn your head towards the noise and realize that it’s too dark too see anything anyways.  You remind yourself that rapid movements put you at a disadvantage.  The twig snap turns into a familiar sound of leaves shuffling at a quick pace.  Those red squirrels will be the death of any hunter.  Only thirty more minutes until the sun peaks over the horizon and that is when you will check the pictures you grabbed with the Boneview trail camera reader on your walk in.   A quick prayer to God for a blessed hunt and the waiting game begins.  15 minutes have passed and you can’t wait any longer.  You take out your smartphone and start swiping right as if you were an adolescent boy on Tinder.  One picture stops you dead in your tracks.  Unbelievable! You’ve never seen this buck before – he’s wide, tall, and mysterious.   The picture is blurry, but at the same time, it is clear as day.  He is big and he travelled this route yesterday.  You immediately send the picture to your hunting crew and they won’t stop texting.  Phone – On - Silent.  The sun is well past the tops of the pines now and the excitement of the mystery buck has worn off.  Really, the only thing on your mind is the tree knot protruding into your lower back.  Everyone knew it was going to be a nuisance, but the stand placement was too perfect.   Any hunter would rather be uncomfortable than to miss a trophy whitetail due to stand placement.   Soon your mind drifts to the fish fry you’re going to attack after this hunt.   You haven’t moved an inch since you checked out those trail camera pictures and now you’re legs are starting to cramp. You’re feet are nearly the size of the platform and it becomes an uncomfortable thought of not being safe.  Even standing isn’t comfortable.  It’s a lot colder in November than it should be.  All the sitting has slowed your blood flow and you can no longer feel all of your extremities.  Cold, hungry, and bored.  A deathly combination. 

It’s been five hours now and loneliness is never been worse.  At least the squirrels are moving.  To keep yourself occupied you secure the rattling antlers and place the grunt tube firmly in your mouth.  You create an epic grunting, snorting, rattling battle never seen by mankind.  “That ought to bring them in.”  For good measures you release a few drops of some doe in heat.  30 more minutes and you're still bored until all hell is unleashed.  The rut is on!  You grab your smartphone and clamp it into the Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow Mount and prepare for the moment.  It is charged and exhilarating. The time is now.  Everything was uncomfortable, until now.

There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck is a four part series presented by Whitetail Country.  Visit us next Wednesday’s to see our final reason why we think the hunter is the mentally toughest athlete in the world. Read Part I: Intro here.

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