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Part II: There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

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Part II: There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck.

Part II:The Walk In/Out of the Stand

I do not care if your name is Fred Bear, Jim Shockey, or Brock Lesnar the morning walk to the tree stand is uncomfortable.  Sure, 50% of the time you get to walk out late in the morning or walk in early in the afternoon.  Too easy for a tough individual like yourself, but nothing can prepare you for the other 50%.

You venture out of your pickup truck to notice that it is unusually dark.  One glance at the sky and you notice the clouds covered all the stars and the quarter moon is nowhere to be found.   You couldn’t ask for a better moon phase for this rut hunt.  You start the trek to your stand and never use a flashlight because, frankly, you’re a bada$$.  The cut cornfield is the simple part as skirting the wood line is easy and quiet.  As you approach to the entry point, you can barely contain your excitement to check trail camera #1 with your Boneview trail camera reader.   Nothing out of the ordinary, but that 8-point buck, you named ‘Big Tex’, keeps travelling this route around 7:15 am, which makes today even more exciting.  As you enter in the woods, it is darker than you would like. You find yourself stopping every 15 steps and just listening to the eerie stillness of the woods.  You can’t help but wonder if a buck is going to get a sniff of this doe in heat scent that’s dragging behind you.  This time, before your 15th step, you kick up two ruffed grouse and soon find out that your heart now lives in your stomach. 

Trail Camera #2 is only 150 yards to the stand.  The grouse made you extremely uncomfortable, but the thought of an unforgettable rut hunt keeps you going.  You find yourself beaming ear to ear when you see a larger than normal sample size on the trail camera, 400 pictures in the past week.  Too keep things efficient, you save the pictures to view in the stand and jump to the very last picture.  The sight of a 300-lb black bear sow with two cubs stands the hairs on your neck.  Her picture was taken only 45 minutes ago. You slowly look over your right shoulder and methodically rotate your head to look over you’re left.  You no longer use your smartphone to check more than your trail camera, its flashlight comes in handy.  After all, it is pretty dark and you wouldn't want to get lost.  A rather quick 150 yards later and 20-feet high has never been better.  But by golly, that was uncomfortable.

There is NOTHING Comfortable about Shooting a Big Buck is a four part series presented by Whitetail Country.  Visit us for the next two Wednesday’s to see why we think the hunter is the mentally toughest athlete in the world. Read Part I: Intro here.

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