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The Mouth Tab Buck

The Mouth Tab Buck

Shooting a big buck is no easy task - every hunter knows this.  Shooting a big buck with one functional arm seems exponentially more difficult.   In Levi’s case, he let his passion overruled the practicality most would reference.   No way was he going to let a snowmobile accident stop him from sitting in a tree in the fall months in the Michigan woods.   Hear the words straight from Levi as he tells his story about shooting a wall hanger with one arm.   This guy is tougher than nails.

Whitetail Country Nation,
It all started out like another day at work my boss ask if I had ever been snowmobiling up in Michigan.  I answered “No, but sounds awesome!”  After work we packed our things and headed to Manistque, Michigan where he had a cabin. The next day following our arrival we went out riding all day, and had an absolute blast. It was about 9:30 pm our group was heading back to the cabin. Snow was coming down - it was very hard to see.  Next thing I know I'm under a snowmobile and can't move. The group I was riding with came to help. I got out from under the snowmobile and was in excruciating pain. I wasn't able to move my arm.  I made it to hospital by life flight and was in the hospital for a week.  I had a severe brachial plexus injury (didn't know how serious at the time), fractured my neck, broke my right scapula, shattered my right hand, and a serious concussion.  
Couple months went by along with plenty of doctor appointments and therapy then I headed to ST. Louis, Missouri for a lengthy surgery with hopes to regain all function in the future.After surgery I healed up and started moving a lot better. Still with no function of my right arm or hand.  I had one thing on my mind; how am I going to kill a big buck this year?   My buddy Dale and I were pretty big into shooting our new Bowtech’s.  I had a new Bowtech Experience and he had a new Bowtech Prodigy. We went to a lot of 3D shoots prior to my accident. I did some research, got hooked up with a fellow named Denny, who also shoots with one arm and a mouth tab, he introduced me to the mouth tab.   I practiced and practiced, dialed back in, and I was prepared for hunting again. 
Opening day came around and I went out for five days straight.  The next evening Dale and I were heading out to my stand.  Dale and I we're sitting in separate trees but very close together. We didn't see much all evening only a couple doe far-off. It was starting to get dark, shooting light was within 15 minutes.  Dale had taken my bow and started to put my arrow in the quiver and also my strap on my bow.   We were talking very quietly, and next thing I know Dale starts saying the words any hunter loves to hear.  “Shooter, shooter, shooter.”   The buck had stepped out of the woods into a bean field was within 40 yards headed my way. Dale and I are working together to get everything off my bow and arrow back in to shoot. Somehow, and by the grace of God, we were able to set back up and attempt a shot.  I drew back and shot 35 yards at my buck, I hit him but was unsure how good of a shot.With being unsure where I hit we backed out got the truck and went home.
Being very anxious to get my hands on my deer we headed back out five hours later. We were going to wait overnight but there was a storm coming within a couple hours. We had arrived back where I had shot my buck and started looking for the arrow. Never did find my arrow and blood did not look promising. We had trailed him for about 150 yards and the blood had stopped appearing.  We ran out of blood we started looking on every trail for any sign.  Somehow I got lucky and found the tiniest Speck of blood.  Within 10 yards my buck was laying there dead.  I was so surprised and filled with joy, I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe that I'd shot a buck using my mouth and my left arm. I thank the Lord for that moment and for an awesome hunt and also still being here to be able to hunt.
Levi Harris
Levi Harris Buck

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