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The Mobile Hunting Movement

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The Mobile Hunting Movement

The outdoor industry has been slow to adapt to the rapid change in mobile technology.  Rightfully so, most outdoors men and women participate in these types of activities to get away from the fast-paced, relentless environment that society presents.   At the same time, society has experienced an outdoor movement.  We are witnessing more people get out of the concrete jungle and into the woods and waters.   People are quickly realizing the sounds, smells, and sights of the outdoors triumph any one thing that TV can offer.  Moments experienced by these individuals are priceless and irreplaceable.   Whitetail Country’s vision is to connect society to the outdoor experience.   By integrating mobile products into a hunt people now have the ability to share moments that cannot be described in words, document their experience, and relieve some of their greatest memories.  As we continually build products to integrate mobile technology into the hunting experience we want to highlight a few products that help hunters mobilize their hunt.   

Quiver App

Without any doubt, this is the most advanced hunting app in your app store.   Specifically
 designed for whitetail fanatics, by whitetail fanatics, this app has many capabilities.  The home screen acts as a weather app, only noting things you care about – temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure trend, and sun rise/set.   Easily add multiple locations and swipe through to see what how the weather is acting in your different hunting spots.   If you think this is only a glorified weather app, you are mistaken.  The meat and potatoes are the capabilities for any hunter to record and document hunts in real time.  Extremely intuitive to the user, any hunter can log animal activity using custom notes/photos and store that data including critical weather information.  The activity is then logged on a timeline and allows a hunter to track, trend, and monitor their season.   You can download your app here and also check out their website at Quiver Hunting App.

Quiver App

Boneview Trail Camera Readers

                Checking trail cameras is a past-time of nearly every hunter.  There is nothing quite like seeing what lurked past your camera to get your jimmies jumping for the upcoming season.  However, it is never easy waiting to plug in your SD chip or lug a laptop into the woods.   In comes Boneview, who created a smartphone trail camera reader so each hunter can check their trail camera’s on the go.   Simply download their app, plug in the device, and view, save, share, and delete photos and videos from your SD card.   Made for both Android and Apple devices you can purchase yours here.

Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Mounts

We believe that every harvest should be recorded – even if you don’t have a camera man with expensive equipment.  That is why we created the Fighting Squirrel smartphone mounts that empower hunters to utilize your smartphone camera to take pictures and videos of your harvests and hunts.   Record close encounters with the bow mount, long range shooting with our scope mounts, and turn your phone into a country mile lens with our optic mount.   Share your experiences immediately with your friends and family.  View all our mounts here.


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