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Jason Aldean selling his Black Jack Ridge Hunting Ranch

Jason Aldean selling his Black Jack Ridge Hunting Ranch

Looking for that hunting land and cabin to call yours?  Well, we found it for you.  For only a pinch under $5 million you could own nearly 1,500 acres and a luxurious lodge that will certainly have you reminiscing on those good times.  Previously owned by country music superstar/avid outdoors man, Jason Aldean, this place sums up his careers success.  Apparently Mr. Redneck Romeo does not believe Tennessee is a Fly Over State since this mansion, I mean "cabin", is located only an hour south of music city in Centerville, also known as Hicktown.   About a mile off old mill road go south on highway TN-100 for approximately 60 miles, take a right on Dirt Road Anthem, and Take a Little Ride until George Jones greets you with an ice cold beer.  Included in the listing is all furniture and a state of the art kitchen - perfect for My Kinda Party.  There is a large fireplace next to the kitchen and bonfire pit outside, allowing the next lucky owner to Burn it Down every night.  Not included in the listing is the jacked up tailgate or Big Green Tractor. The listing does not mention the Night Train that travels the south side of the property, but guarantees a moon and a billion stars - the closest thing to an Amarillo Ski.  $5 million does not seem too steep for this land, it's only $3,333/acre. Maybe this Asphalt Cowboy will give you a discount for the amount of times you listened to his songs on Spotify?  Regardless, he's selling his property, but will never be forgotten as the original owner.  He left his Tattoos on This Town.  








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