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Hunt of a Lifetime: 3 Questions You Need To Ask.

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Hunt of a Lifetime: 3 Questions You Need To Ask.

There isn’t a single hunter out there who does not have a dream hunt.  Maybe it’s a New Mexico Elk, Canada Black Bear, or the infamous Mountain Goat.  Regardless of the animal, you have been dreaming about it for years.  When push comes to shove you’ve finally drew your tag and saved up the funds to make this thing happen; however, there are a few things to consider.

Do I have the equipment I need?  

Am I physically able to endure the rigors of the terrain/climate?  

Am I mentally ready to face that trophy animal face to face?  

As the date vastly approaches, these three questions need to be answered with the utmost certainty.  Without any doubts you can arm yourself with the best equipment and physically prepare your body for the rigors of Mother Nature (if you need help, visit Cameron Hanes website).  But, can you prepare your brain and body for that one exhilarating moment?  Some will say it’s different for big game - we say it does not matter.  Starring a bugling elk in the eyes is certainly gut-wrenching, but so is trying not to flinch while a gobbling, strutting turkey approaches your zone. Nevertheless, infiltrating your prey’s habitat is uneasy and uncomfortable.   You’ve played the scenario over and over in your head.  You’ve watched multiple professional videos.  You’ve shot your weapon a copious amount of times.   However, nothing but prayer can prepare your soul for the adrenaline-charged moment you desire to encounter.

With less than 2 months until Whitetail Country sets foot in the Montana mountains chasing elk, mule deer, and black bear we will continue to prepare our equipment and physical state to withhold the rigors we are willing to endure.   We have joined archery leagues to gain confidence in our ability, and we are excited to witness everyone’s response when the moment happens.

Whether we come home with the trophy of a lifetime or not you can bet the memories will last a lifetime with our Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow Mount. View our #MobilizeYourHunt line here.


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