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Ghosts, Goblins, and 200” Bucks

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Ghosts, Goblins, and 200” Bucks

It’s damn near Halloween and that could mean a couple different things. 

  1. People dressed as clowns now have an excuse to be creeping everybody out.
  2. Kids walk around and ask for candy.
  3. It’s the rut BABBBYYYY!

If a clown ever approached any of us hunters, while we weren’t at a circus, it would receive the ole redneck 5 knuckle shuffle to the kisser.   Kids always want candy, no change there.   And that’s why we are only concerned about #3 - the rut.  Before you get too excited, it might only be the ‘pre-rut’ in your area.  Regardless, temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and bucks are dropping all over the Midwest and into the Northeast.   Don’t you love this time of year?   Halloween in particular is a special kind of day.  Ghosts, goblins, and apparently 200” bucks.  According to Field and Streams article Seven Best Days of the Rut October 31st is the day to be in a tree.  (Read the article here). 

“…Oct. 31 is statistically the second-best day of the year to kill a whitetail netting 200 inches or more, which is saying something when you consider that rifle seasons have not yet opened in most areas.” 

That’s enough words to get anyone in a tree.  In fact, they had me at October.  We are a few days away from Halloween and the only dress up I plan on doing is camouflage, to completely shield myself from my next wall hanger.  Maybe I’ll throw on some face paint for good measure.  He won’t even see what’s coming.  A few grunt tubes, too much doe scent, and an elaborate rattling session (that even Jim Shockey would be proud of) will have any semi-mature whitetail buck drooling. 

There are so many reasons we get excited for the rut.  Mainly, the suspense of the unknown potential.  But the other is the proximity that bucks are willing to get, because frankly and for the lack of a better word, they’re horny.  Because of the dreaded h-word, big bucks show face and do so in a loud fashion.    Up close and personal would be an understatement.    Anyone with a beating pulse should be able to hit a 200 pound rutting buck with an arrow at 5-10 yards.  Emphasis on should – there is this little factor in archery hunting called adrenaline.   Especially at 10 yards.  Practically smelling the emitting testosterone and hearing the breathing can make any shot difficult.   

That’s why we are pumped up, jacked, and can’t sit still.  The time is now and prevalent.  Get in the woods, climb a tree and shoot straight when your heart is pumping.   Oh, and don’t forget your face paint.

Whitetail Country

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