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Everything you need to know about the 2018 Wisconsin elk hunt.

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Everything you need to know about the 2018 Wisconsin elk hunt.

Everything you need to know about the 2018 Wisconsin elk hunt.

Elk hunting in Wisconsin?  You had me at elk.  On March 13th, the Wisconsin DNR historically announced its inaugural elk hunt.   From October 13th to November 11th and December 13th-21st, ten lucky Wisconsin hunters will be chasing the notorious Wisconsin bull elk.  Believe it or not, Whitetail Country has dabbled in some elk hunting a time or two (see some pictures below 😉) so this caught our immediate attention.  After immersing ourselves into this topic, we have put together all the facts you need to know about Wisconsin’s first ever elk hunt. 

Whitetail Country Wisconsin Elk Hunting

1 – Your chances of drawing a tag are no bueno (not good)….

Ten lucky hunters will have an opportunity to participate in a Wisconsin’s first ever elk hunt.  Sounds good to be true, right?  Right.  Six tags will be distributed to the Wisconsin Chippewa tribes which leaves only four tags to the good ole brat eating, beer drinking, Packer cheering Wisconsin resident.  Let’s do some quick math. 

Annually there are 600,000 Wisconsin beer drinkers. Assuming 3/4 of those deer hunters put their name in the hat we have 450,000 applicants.  Four resident tags divided by 450,000 applicants equals .00000889. .0000889 multiplied by 100% equals .000889%.  No Bueno. 

Might as well chance your savings account on black at the local casino or ask out that bartender that is completely out of your league.  You would have better chances harvesting an elk than actually drawing the tag. 

2 – There is a herd of about 200 head in northern WI.

As if your chances of drawing an elk tag are not good enough, the counties of Sawyer, Bayfield, Ashland, and Price are said to be holding 200 head of elk.  Compare that to the 1.3 million estimated deer in Wisconsin.  If you have not shot a whitetail deer in awhile you might want to think twice about spending the $10 on your application.  Just saying.

3 – The hunt began in 1995

This has nothing to do with the Kentucky elk releasing starting in 2015.  In fact, it is not even the same part of the state.  Back in 1995 the DNR plopped 25 Michigan elk into the Clam Lake Range.  13 years later and the population multiplied by 10.  Morale of this story is we can expect to hunt those Black River range Kentucky elk in approximately 13 years. 

5 – Cameron Hanes approves.

Yes Cam Hanes, the ultra-marathon/mountain hunter.   We have never encountered someone that enjoys hurting himself more than CH, but that is what makes him keep hammering.  Here’s what he had to say on IG in between summit runs and bicep curls.

Cameron Hanes Instagram Post @cameronhanes

Take that PETA.

6 – Alexander Hamilton is the ticket

All you need is one Alexander Hamilton.  A lousy $10 dollar bill submitted for.000889% odds at chasing an overgrown whitetail deer for the first time in our state’s history.  So whip out that bugle tube and start practicing, you never know when Scott Walker is going to call your name. Submit your application at

7 - Packing out is easier in a truck.

Harvesting a 150 pound whitetail deer and a 450 pound bull elk are two ball games.  Its preseason versus the Superbowl. Thank God for Wisconsin roads and pick-up trucks. 

Whitetail Country Elk Hunting Pack Out

8 - These elk have never been hunted before. 

Local rumor has it that these elk lack the urgency of the Whitetail Deer.  Often times collared cows and large bulls are found meandering the side of a major road.  Why? Because they have yet to view the human as a predator.  13 years of avoiding black bears and wolves have brought us maybe the least instinctive elk you may ever hunt.  

Wisconsin Collared Cow Elk Hunt


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    Never been on a hunt away from home would love to come meet y’all

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    Put my name in the hat. Can’t wait to hear them bugle one wisconsin.

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