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Bow Mount, Fighting Squirrel, Phone Mount, Smartphone, Whitetail Country -

Wisconsin hunter sinks an arrow deep into a magnum rutting buck. Filmed with the Fighting Squirrel smartphone bow mount and an iPhone 6. Get all our smartphone mounts at here.

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Fighting Squirrel, Phone Mount, scope mount, Smartphone, Whitetail Country -

Wisconsin outdoorsman, Kyle was ground hunting during 2016's opening day when a string of does followed by a magnum buck strolled in. It was no accident that Kyle attached his phone to his shotgun using the Fighting Squirrel scope mount as he recorded a harvest that will be shared for generations. 

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Bow Mount, elk, Fighting Squirrel, Phone Mount, Smartphone, Whitetail Country -

Chasing rutting, bugling elk through the mountains and foot hills is no easy task. Less than 5% of people who draw an elk tag are successful, yet alone capture their experience on film. This outdoorsman defied all the odds and recorded the whole experience with the Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow Mount. #MobilizeYourHunt

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